Carnival Face Painting Workshops


This is a two-session workshop where participants gain foundational knowledge about face painting.

They will develop an understanding of the tools required, health and safety and develop their creative styles.

This course is intended to develop employability skills and support participants in recognising the skills they have developed in their CVs for employment, training, and volunteering. This course aims to raise confidence and support attendees to support their families and communities also. This course supports community cohesion, family learning, employability skills, mental health awareness, and business enterprise.

Introduction to Carnival Face Painting Gascoigne Primary School 11th May 2022.

29th May 2022 – Introduction to Carnival Face Painting Gascoigne Primary School.

10th May 2023 – Introduction to facepainting Gascoigne Primary School.

17th May 2023 – Facepainting skill boster Gascoigne Primary School.

Facepainting workshops at the carnival Launch 25th of June.