Creative Kids Summer Camp


Get ready for a summer of imagination and creativity at our Carnival Craft and Healthy Eating Kids Workshop! 🎪🌽

Join us for a fun-filled adventure where young minds will discover the exciting world of carnival crafts and the importance of healthy eating. Our summer sessions are designed to ignite your child’s creativity while instilling valuable lessons in nutrition and well-being.

In our carnival craft sessions, children will have a blast exploring a colorful array of materials, from vibrant feathers and glittering sequins to recycled materials like cardboard and paper rolls. They’ll have the chance to design and create their very own carnival masks, costumes, and props.

But it’s not all about the crafts! We’ll also embark on a journey to discover the magic of healthy eating. Through engaging activities and interactive cooking demonstrations, kids will learn about the importance of balanced nutrition, explore the delicious world of fruits and veggies, and even whip up their own carnival-themed, nutritious snacks.

At our Creative Kids Workshop, we’re all about fostering a sense of wonder, creativity, and a commitment to healthy living. So, get ready to let your child’s imagination soar under the big top of creativity and wellness this summer! 🎨🍏🤹‍♀️