About us

Our history

Established in 2014, UKON Careers is a Community Interest Company based in the heart of Barking and Dagenham and delivers services locally and internationally. We are a careers company that uses carnival arts as a platform to support people into employment, education, and training. We also aim to develop a greater understanding of carnival, its history, heritage, and its importance to communities today. We annually host our main event, Barking Carnival which engages with over 12,000 people.

Our work is inter-generational, and we seek to support greater community cohesion, reduce isolation and encourage greater emotional resilience as well as creative thinking, amongst those who participate in our carnival projects and our work as a whole. We are now an Arts Mark Partner!


Our careers vision

To develop, encouraging greater participation and understanding in carnival arts, encourage economic wellbeing, inspire creative thinking & success, reduce social isolation, support greater community cohesion, increased emotional resilience.

Our Long Term Aim is to develop a Carnival Arts Academy

Our mission

To work in partnership with schools, colleges, parents/carers, organisations and enterprises to enhance existing provision, develop carnival arts, ensuring our products and services embrace diversity and promote equality of opportunity.

  • Our mission is to develop, encourage greater participation and understanding in carnival arts and to increase access to employment, education, and training. Our aim is to promote and protect the heritage of Carnival. We want everyone regardless of their age, background or level of ability to feel able to take part in our projects. 
  • We will continue to embrace diversity, promote equality of opportunity and increase access to employment education and training.
  • We will continue to create great relationships and work in partnership with schools, colleges, parents/carers, local communities, organisations and enterprises to enhance existing provision that can develop carnival arts through our products and services. For example, our poster competition with Barking and Dagenham College gave the young people the opportunity to enhance existing provision.

Who we work with

Local Schools e.g. Gascoigne Primary School
Community organisations e.g. B&D Volunteer Bureau, Future MOLDS
Social Care & Housing organisations e.g. Look Ahead -The Vineries
Colleges & Universities e.g. Barking & Dagenham College, University of Hertfordshire, University of Trinidad and Tobago
Community Events e.g. DAGFEST, Barking Folk Festival, Youth Parade, One borough
Carnival bands e.g. UCOM, Soca Massive Fancy Sailors Carnival band
St Lucia Rotary club

Workshop friends

  • We Mas 
  • Steel Pan Agency 
  • United Colours of Mas (UCOM)
  • Drumworks 
  • Konverse Dance Crews 
  • Iroko Theatre Company
  • Glorious Backstage Arts 
  • Dimensions Entertainment  
  • Barking and Dagenham Youth Dance
  • You Me Arts
  • Alvaro ‘Al’ Lopez 
  • Mathis Richet
  • Alan Vaughan
  • Soca Massive (Fancy Sailor traditional carnival mas band)



020 3288 2207
+44 (0)7796073812

Opening times: 9:00-4:30




16 Pickering Road
Essex IG11 8PG

Registered in England and Wales, Registered company number: 09046892

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