What we do

• We deliver practical arts & craft workshops and seminar to prepare individuals for further learning about or employment opportunities within the cultural industries and a variety of other occupational areas.

• UKON developed and manages the annual Barking & Dagenham Carnival which brings all communities within the Borough together in a celebration of its ethnic and cultural diversity.

• We have a Traditional Carnival band – We Mas which supports and promotes the traditional aspects of carnival.

Careers opportunities

• Lectures, Seminars and Inset Training
• Conferences – e.g. University of Hertfordshire
• Career Coaching
• Work experience internships and industrial placements
• Internships, Volunteering and Work Experience
• One to One motivational and group career coaching
• Motivational and Inspirational projects and events
• Creative thinking and emotional resilience coaching
• Events and Event Management – From Development 
  to Delivery & Evaluation

creative thinking workshops 

Carnival dance workshops

Learn the different dance styles in relation to carnival such as Soca, Afrobeats, dancehall and street dance.

• Build creativity skills
• Improve physical fitness and health
• Build self confidence
• Build performing skills
• Understand safe dancing

Dance was used as a method of expression, healing and bonding which can be traced back to 9000-year-old cave paintings in India.

Upcoming events

• Virtual Barking carnival Saturday 5th September 2020


020 3288 2207
+44 (0)7796073812

Opening times: 9:00-4:30




16 Pickering Road
Essex IG11 8PG

Registered in England and Wales, Registered company number: 09046892

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