3canal 2024 J’ouvert band launch – Trinidad and Tobago


UKON had the pleasure of attending 3canal 2024 J’ouvert band launch at the Black Box.

The launch was electrifying and fully portrayed the traditional elements of J’ouvert which also celebrated 3Canal’s 30 years of delivering J’ouvert and carnival events and workshops.

This year’s theme is Powder where they celebrate the cultural heritage of J’ouvert in Trinidad and Tobago. 3Canal is one of the very few who celebrates J’ouvert Traditionally and we are delighted to experience this with them.

This year is most likely to be their last year of doing J’ouvert and it is an absolute pleasure to celebrate their amazing achievements and keep the traditional elements of J’ouvert alive.

The word J’ouvert’s origins are French with the French Creole term meaning dawn or daybreak, thus the link between the African and the French. This is a classic example of how carnival has origins in many cultures such as African, Caribbean, European and Asian heritage.